At CAST we embrace the importance of focusing on skills and safety before fun and games in the water. We believe that drowning is preventable, that every child is entitled to self-rescue skills, and that every family regardless of their access to high-quality lessons, can be empowered through education.

Together at CAST we work to change the conversation around water safety in order to shift the way swim time is viewed in our culture. By “joining our CAST” your advocacy is sure to enrich the lives of children in your community, and you may even save a life!

Education Advocates

If you’re reading this, we’d love for you to join us as a CAST Water Safety Advocate! Our mission is to increase awareness for self-rescue swimming and safer lifestyles in and around the water. CAST supports organizations, families, and instructors with a growing library of water safety resources created by educators who are also swim parents and instructors.

Become an Advocate by sharing our work:

CAST Scholarship Providers

Please click here to be connected to our growing team of nationwide CAST Scholarship Partners.

In 2024 we are welcoming additional scholarship partner instructors. Candidates will fill out a short application, collect parent testimonials, and raise a small portion of the scholarship funding to be used in their community. CAST scholarship partners also play a big role in educating their community with CAST resources.

Instructors– Please contact to request more information about joining our scholarship partner team.

Friends & Supportersclick here to contribute to CAST’s Scholarship Fund (*CAST’s Founders are also friends, partners, and financial supporters of the Live Like Jake scholarship fund. Click Here to learn about scholarship opportunities with Live Like Jake.)

CAST Supported Instructor Training

To date, CAST has supported the training and development of 12 new Chicago area self-rescue swim instructors. Each year we are proud to provide financial and in-water support to a small group of instructors in training. These instructor candidates must be located in the vicinity of CAST partner locations (Chicago, IL, Lake Geneva, WI or New Orleans, LA). Submit an inquiry via our contact page to learn more about CAST supported instructor training opportunities.

A big thanks to the CAST Founding Advisory Council 

CAST was created in 2018, and with the support of almost a dozen experienced certified ISR instructors, we grew into a nationally recognized leader in water safety education and self-rescue swim lesson instruction. We want to give a special thank you to ISR instructors Cheri Slay, Becki Pinckard, Therace Pollard, Jennifer Lowke, Michael Petrella, Rebekah Milito, Christie Cloutman, Kaley Hoffman, Lauren Bergoon, Ashley Condron, Alyson Millner, Michelle Barbare, Gabrielle Haubner, Marie Hanson and Nikki Doig-Maguire for sharing their time, advice and talents with CAST. 

Together we have trained and mentored new instructors, empowered and appreciated friends of CAST, raised awareness for CAST resources, raised funding for CAST scholarships, and participated in various professional development opportunities. We could not have done this without your trust, time, and teamwork!