CAST strives to empower families and communities to make safer choices as they embark on a journey towards their child’s swim competency.



  • Drowning is preventable, and this prevention relies on families and communities working together.
  • A cultural shift must occur so that families will embrace the importance of focusing on skills and safety before fun and games in the water.
  • Every child is entitled to self-rescue skills, and we must endeavor to continue increasing this access.
  • High-quality swim lessons promote an active lifestyle and have numerous added social, health, and emotional benefits for children and their families.
  • While not every community has high-quality self-rescue opportunities, every family can be empowered to keep kids safer by choosing safe water play activities and earning and applying the education available through CAST.
  • Each child, family, and supporter is an important part of our team and integral in our joint effort to communicate our message.


Together, we use our platform to increase awareness and respect for both self-rescue swim lesson opportunities and safe water play practices.

We value…

  • Excellent instruction
  • Education & empowerment
  • Outstanding communication
  • Meaningful collaboration
  • Inclusive practices
  • A growth mindset



CAST supports families through the process of thinking critically about what water safety strategies will best protect their family while they enjoy their lifestyle in and around water. We are powered by certified teachers, swim parents, coaches, and educators, and we are driven by connecting with families and organizations that share not only our values for water safety, but for raising active, resilient, inclusive, and confident children in today’s world.

CAST’s mission of preventing childhood drowning is accompanied by a secondary benefit of sport and wellness. Many families report added rewards of the self-rescue swim & CAST experience. From increased confidence and improved behavior to sibling bonding and better sleep patterns for their children, parents quickly learn firsthand that an active lifestyle is one that has many benefits to their child.