While self-rescue instructors work to skill children in water, the CAST team works to support instructors and their swim families with water safety education resources. Together we can make a difference!

* Educate Your Families

CAST will support your swim families and prospective swim families with education while they wait to begin lessons! Click HERE for suggested verbiage.

* Use our Poolside Safety Tips

Bring CAST’s poolside safety tips to your location! (Photo of CAST TV Screen with great safety tip on it.)

  • Click HERE to download CAST’s poolside safety tips.
  • Click HERE to purchase a printed and laminated copy of CAST’s poolside safety tips.

* Purchase Water Guardian Tags

  • Thank you to Nicole Hughes and her family for sharing her concept and vision for the Water Guardian Program. A water guardian is a designated adult who takes full responsibility to watch the water without distractions. 
  • Please click HERE to order water guardian tags for your facility or swim families. Pricing: 100 for $100

* Host a “Sprinkle Hope For Safer Swimmers” Event for your community!

  • Sprinkle Hope is an event which raises awareness for the importance of safe water play. Families connect over sprinkle donuts and sprinkler time for the kids while they become educated about safe water play activities as an alternative to floaties and puddle jumpers when 1:1 in-water supervision is not possible at the pool. 
  • 100% of the money raised goes to self-rescue swim scholarships!

Click HERE to order a Sprinkle Hope event starter package.