CAST values inclusive practices and believes that every child is entitled to self-rescue skills. Our team works hard to ensure access to families with a serious interest in swim and self-rescue lessons.

Participating families must be enrolled to swim with a CAST Scholarship Partner Instructor. CAST offers scholarships for the following categories: 

Income-Based: Families in need of financial assistance to make self-rescue swim lessons feasible will qualify based on individual needs (subject to verification of income). Many programs require a separate registration fee for self-rescue lessons. CAST can cover a limited number of registration fees for those with substantial income-based needs. Ask your local CAST Partner Instructor about scholarship opportunities in your community.

Military, Teacher, Nurse & First Responder: If either parent is serving or has served in the military, is currently employed as a teacher or nurse, or works as a first responder, scholarships are available covering approximately 10-25% of the cost of self-rescue swim lessons, depending on instructor and/or location (current employee ID required). Those in need of more financial aid may request additional coverage through an income-based scholarship application.

Special Needs: Families with special needs or a disability (parent or child) that have an interest in self-rescue swim lessons will qualify for scholarships covering approximately 10-25% of self-rescue swim lessons, depending on instructor and/or location. Those in need of more financial assistance can apply for additional coverage.

Other: Should your family have circumstances not covered by the scholarship options above, please reach out to us as CAST is committed to inclusivity.

For those interested in scholarship assistance with instructors outside of the CAST network, please visit for more information. CAST’s founders are proud financial supporters of Live Like Jake’s scholarship fund!