CAST supports a small but growing team of affiliated instructors and their swim families. CAST Affiliates are independently contracted self-rescue instructors that share the CAST values and beliefs and have joined the CAST team to support our efforts of increasing self-rescue swim lesson access and empowering families with education. 

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    • Each self-rescue lesson is one-on-one with the instructor and is individualized for each child’s needs and abilities. Depending on the location and instructor you choose, lessons meet 5 days per week, for 10 minutes (at the same time each day). Attending daily allows for efficiency and retention of skills. Students typically gain initial safety skills within 1-2 months.
    • The initial set of lessons or “session” focuses on the acquisition of basic self-rescue skills, plus a general respect for and understanding of water. We recommend continuation lessons throughout the year. Continuation courses occur less frequently, but consistently, and allow children to first ensure their skills stay strong and then gain greater confidence and enjoyment while swimming.
    • Only one parent or caregiver needs to be present for lessons, and you do not get into the water unless you are participating in a parent education lesson (which we highly recommend on occasion).
    • Pricing ranges from $100 to $175 / week (per child) depending on location and instructor experience.
    • The CAST Water Safety Foundation strives to support our team of instructors and your family throughout the process of exploring and participating in self-rescue lessons. CAST is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is proud to have brought increased self-rescue swim opportunities to the Chicago area. Click HERE for information on CAST Scholarships.
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