Certified ISR Instructor

Jamie Berger

My ISR Story:

In the spring of 2022, I traveled with two of my favorite families to a tropical paradise in a professional nanny capacity for a fun in the sun filled week to care for 4 little people, ranging from 3 years young to 6 years young. I never could have imagined that this “family trip” would be my introduction to the world of self-rescue swimming. I could not believe my eyes when I saw these little ones swimming, floating, and respecting the water. My demographic is definitely not the most common to endeavor to learn more about, let alone take a deep dive (pun intended), into the wonderful world of self-rescue swimming, but I am proud to be here. My CAST story is just beginning and I am grateful to be a student of an organization that is based on strong ethics, high moral principles, and global community impact!

Why Cast:

I have been passionate about creating environments where every child feels loved and safe since I was 14 years old. Before I even graduated high school, I earned my child CPR certification, established a professional nanny agency, and served 3 families with providing high quality boutique child care services. Since that time, I have personally served over 14 families as a professional nanny and child care consultant, earned my certification as a Birthing Doula in 2019, and am transitioning into becoming an ISR expert. I am attracted to excellent platforms that make a profound impact on families, and CAST consistently models this excellence year after year. 


Before CAST:

I have served families in the Chicagoland area with boutique child care services for the past 12 years and Doula services since 2019. I am deeply motivated by working with children from all age ranges and backgrounds to create and provide safe and loving environments that lead to healthy and stable outcomes.  


My loving family includes my Mom (Joi), my Sister (Calyn), and my amazing and fun loving Golden Doodle (Milo Juice). 

Outside of CAST: 

I enjoy resting and pouring into myself with high quality self care. I also love creating new and exciting digital content and traveling to new destinations for new experiences. 

Quotes to live by:

“Your thoughts become things and your words perform.”

2022 Goal:

Have a blast learning and mastering all things CAST and ISR!