4 swim safety tips from a survival swim expert

From how to ditch the floaties to staying engaged during water play, here’s what to consider.

By Liz Huber  June 22, 2023

More than 10 years ago, my husband and I said “I do” beside a lake in Wisconsin. Then, we vacationed in Southern California, Hawaii and Italy before we settled down to have kids. As we clinked our margaritas or fine wines at idyllic waterside settings, we’d talk about our future family. We imagined a handful of fearless and fun kids that loved the beach and pool just as much as we did. 

By 2016, I had been a parent for almost 2 years, yet I had absolutely no idea that drowning was the single greatest risk in our kids’ lives. In 2016, I grieved the loss of a friend’s toddler who reached the water during non-swim time on a family vacation. This led me to discover the rarely discussed statistics around childhood drowning. Our picture-perfect waterside lifestyle, it turns out, was incredibly dangerous to our children. 

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